Global Experience in Vocational Education

We provide research, analysis and advice on the international comparison of skills systems, including vocational education and training and apprenticeship systems.


Simon Field is a leading expert on the international comparative analysis of country skills systems. As leader of the OECD's work on vocational education and training over many years he led reviews of vocational skills systems in more than 30 countries across the world. He is the lead author of two major comparative reports on country skills systems in Learning for Jobs and Skills beyond School as well as many reviews of individual countries, including a sequence of studies placing the skills system in England into an international context. He has been the Director of Skills Policy since 2016.


We undertake research, prepare reports and offer advice on skills policy, vocational training, apprenticeship, adult learning and basic skills based on extensive global experience.

We can provide tailored advice, analysis and review on topics such as apprenticeship, the teaching and training workforce, qualification systems and frameworks, partnerships with employers and trade unions, postsecondary programmes and pathways to higher education, recognition of prior learning, embedding basic literacy and numeracy in vocational programmes.

Recent and current work by Skills Policy and Simon Field includes work with the OECD on technical and vocational education in the UK, Israel and Estonia, with the International Labour Organisation on apprenticeship, with the Gatsby Foundation on apprenticeship and higher technical education in England, with UNESCO on pathways between TVET and higher education. Most recent work covers tertiary vocational education and a study of assessment.


We deliver exceptional quality and expertise at a fraction of the price of large organisations.